Our extensive knowledge in material science allows us to think outside conventional methods and to assemble composite components of various material combinations. In doing so, we extract each material best characteristic and combine them to your advantage.

Together with a strong partner network, we offer integrated support from component development, construction and component calculation.

Mold Making

Whether prototyping- or mass production molds, we consult you on the ideal mold design for your project – starting with the selection of the right material to shape the finished tool. The molds made using CNC milling machines are typically made of materials such as Toolblock, Aluminum or Steel.

We think beyond conventional mold making! New techniques in fiber composite processing help to approach efficient production with a lower cost variant. Ideal for prototypes, read more about our mold construction through 3D Printing.



The in-house production facilities are designed to produce fiber composite plastic components. Custom-made prototypes and small batches can be implemented without a long wait.

Starting by cutting of prepregs through the tooling preparation to the final production (drilling, cutting, riveting, grinding and much more) everything comes from a single source.

Thanks to our flat structures, we can respond immediately to your individual needs and demands. To realize your ideas, we work with the prepreg autoclave method, out-of-autoclave procedure or infusion method. These technologies ensure an economical valuable and high-performance manufacturing process that combines the highest quality with economic benefits.

Autoklav Verfahren Bauteilfertigung

 For this purpose, we use pre-impregnated and hardened reinforcing fabric (prepregs) with a special resin. Prepregs can be used to manufacture challenging, mechanical and thermal components. The fiber volume content is more than 60% and the air pore content is extremely low..


  • excellent surface quality
  • maximum fiber volume fraction
  • high-end components for maximum strength & rigidity
  • excellent reproducibility

Out of Autoclave Verfahren

The Out-of-Autoclave process is an alternative to the traditional high-pressure autoclave curing process. The big advantage is not being limited by the size of the autoclave.


  • no restriction of component size
  • non-porous surface quality due to differing fabric
  • same production time as the autoclave process
  • energy efficient

Infusionsverfahren Bauteilfertigung

Mainly we offer the prepreg autoclave method and out-of-autoclave procedure. If no temperature-resistant tooling is available, the infusion method can be used alternatively. This method is ideal for large components with high material properties.

  • no restriction of component size
  • no temperature-resistant tooling required – lower tooling costs


Innovation through Carbon.

Innovation is what drives us

The unique 3D-Structural Foams allow the production of sandwich components with precise shape geometry. The complex milling, and grinding is eliminated and offers with consistent quality a cost-effective alternative to conventional methods. The foam cores can be simply produced by using the existing tooling, taking into account the necessary layer structure.

Formengeometrie durch 3D-Strukturschäume


  • foam core is precisely aligned to the component shape
  • time-saving manufacturing process
  • consistent quality
  • cost-effective; expensive milling and grinding work is redundant
  • various level of firmness can be attained

Our process allows to produce carbon negative forms by using an existing 3D print. Quite simple, the anticipated component can be shaped, adapted and tested by means of a 3D printed part until it fits the desired geometry – we will then cast the exact tooling for the final part.

This type of mold making is highly cost efficient compared to conventional methods. Hand lamination is applied combined with a special resin; thus, the negative form can also be used for autoclave method at temperatures about 130 ° C. This mold construction is ideal for small batches up to 250 pieces.

Mit Carbon verstärktes Aluminiumprofil


  • ideal for prototypes
  • lower costs than traditional methods
  • any adjustments can be easily implemented
  • can be easily produced at short notice

Key Philosophy


Rapid processing to keep TIME as your competitive edge!


Full commitment to producing highly resilient components with minimum weight


100% confidentiality and discretion to preserve your recipe for success a secret

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Our company is located right in the beautiful Alps of Austria.

At our location in Bludenz, we combine Swiss precision and German diligence for the production of fiber composite components.


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